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Relay Assembly for the Patriot Missile. 

This program consisted of a housing and cover investment casting which was CNC machined then plated and painted to MIL specifications. A fabricated harness connected relays, power transformers, connectors and resistors. The unit was then potted and tested, both electronically and environmentally.

Battery Adapters for AN/PVS Night Vision Components.

Several different battery cases, which were CNC machined or molded, were assembled with contacts,
springs and a wire harness. After assembly, the units were tested and packaged for delivery.

Election Delay Assembly for the F-18 for the U.S. Navy

This Assembly was CNC machined and welded. Connectors and other components were then installed and potted. Electronic and environmental testing completed the requirement.

Tri-Tech has also manufactured cable assemblies for commercial use. These assemblies are manufactured to customer specifications. Usually the components are OEM which are purchased, assembled and tested.

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